The Komeda Project – Andrea Keller/Miroslav Bukovsky Octet


Wednesday 12th November @Foundry 616 – 8.30pm

We are delighted to present this new work, specially developed to premiere at the Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival. Andrea Keller and Miroslav Bukovsky have been working on a project inspired by the music of Polish jazz pianist Kryzstof Komeda. While reasonably well known to cinema enthusiasts as the composer of the scores to Roman Polanski’s films Knife in the Water, The Fearless Vampire Killers and Rosemary’s Baby, Komeda’s importance as European jazz pioneer is still not well known outside of his native Poland.

This project is a response to, and reinterpretation of, some of the music of Komeda by two leading Australian jazz composers and instrumentalists of Eastern European heritage who have been strongly influenced not only by the music Komeda wrote, but by the spirit in which he wrote it. Through this project they seek to give new voice to the spirit of freedom in Komeda’s music.

Komeda inspired European jazz musicians to examine music of their own tradition and heritage (folk, classical and popular European melodies), rather than rely on American sources for their playing and compositions. A fine jazz pianist, he was initially inspired by the hard-bop players of the 1950s but by the mid-1960s the “European turn” in his music was clearly discernible and can be heard on the ground breaking album “Astigmatic The British critic Stuart Nicholson called it “marking a shift away from the dominant American approach with the emergence of a specific European aesthetic.” 

Andrea Keller (piano) Miroslav Bukovsky (trumpet) Erkki Veltheim (violin) Andrew Robson (saxophone) James Greening (trombone) Ben Hauptmann (guitar) Jonathan Zwartz (double bass) Evan Mannell (drums)

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