Saxophonist composer Gai Bryant exposes a deep well of emotion when playing the Cuban and Afro-Peruvian music. Performing with ensemble, Bryant is passionate, irresistible.

Saxophonist, educator and composer Gai Bryant has an ongoing fascination with all the rhythms that make us dance, and particularly those blending Cuban, Peruvian and Afro-Caribbean influences. During her PhD study at the Sydney Conservatorium, Bryant’s brother frequently traveled to Cuba, bringing back records and curios to pour over. Bryant thought the Cuban influence might make a good cornerstone for her big band compositional work and since then has sold-out shows in collaboration with Grammy-nominated Cuban pianist Elio Villafranca and her 20-piece ensemble Palacio de la Rumba. In her new Afro Peruvian group ALLY, Bryant promises passionate music featuring irresistible rhythms.

Gai Bryant (saxophone), Eamon Dilworth (trumpet), Dai Moret (spoken word), Jonathan Cohen (piano), Stanmatis Valacos (bass), Juan C. Allende (percussion) , Giorgio Rojas (percussion)